Types of Degrees in Agriculture

1326285_97973871Since the beginning of civilization, agriculture has always been at the heart of human civilization. Even with the progression of time, agriculture has remained at the center of many of the most disturbing issues in the modern society. For instance, poverty, famine, genetic modifications, environmental sustainability, epidemics related to diseases and development economics all intersect with agriculture at one point. Students who have graduated with agricultural studies are usually involved in the research and development of works in the fields mentioned above.

If you are considering taking a career path related to agriculture, you are definitely on the right track. While many people think that agriculture is only about learning how to plant seeds and ploughing, there are alot of details that an agriculturalist needs to know. Agriculture is a highly interdisciplinary subject that requires students to possess a good understanding of social and natural sciences that draw on areas such as chemistry, business, management, economics, environmental engineering and biology. The most logic thing to do in order to succeed in an agricultural career is taking a relevant degree in college.

Types of Agricultural Degrees
There are several types of degrees inclined to agriculture that a person could pursue. The most common type of degree pursued is bachelor of science in Agriculture. If this one does not appeal you, there are other degrees such as bachelor of science in Agricultural Systems Management, soil management, crop management and even Agribusiness. Depending on the type of degree you chose to pursue, you will be exposed to various disciplines such as livestock biometrics, hands- on farming, microeconomics, marketing, management of business and many others, relevant to your field. Depending on what an individual wants to do in the field of agriculture, one can choose to pursue studies in different levels besides going for a bachelors degree.

Associate Degree in Agriculture Production Technology
Pursuing agriculture studies at this level means that you kick start your career faster than you would have if you did a bachelors degree. Instead of going for four years, an associate degree will only demand two years study period. It allows you to obtain the most relevant skills that are necessary for kickstarting your career. However, it will limit you when it comes to career options. On the other hand, it could perfectly fit into your plans especially if you are in a hurry to start practising. some of the basic skills you will learn when taking an associate degree in agriculture production technology include, operating farm equipment, soil management and crop science, dealing with agricultural chemicals as well as taking care of livestock. You might also acquire some basic skills in marketing and management even though they are mostly learnt at higher levels of management studies.

Masters or Doctoral Degrees in Agriculture
After pursuing a bachelors degree, you could also decide to undertake a masters or doctorate degree in agriculture. Some of these degrees include master of agriculture and master of science in agriculture. If you choose to go for the master of agriculture, it would mean putting an end to your studies in agriculture. However, the second option opens doors for an opportunity to pursue a doctorate in your line of education. Acquiring an agricultural degree at this level exposes you to aspects such as technology, education, research areas and agricultural leadership.A doctoral degree allows you to learn more about production and demand, the market theory, international business, how to forecast market trends and other areas of management. Generally, a doctoral degree is majorly related to economic issues.

Regardless of the level of degree you chose to pursue, you can rest assured that an agricultural degree will assist you to grasp the necessary skills as well as help you make appropriate professional connections needed to succeed in this field.

Finding A College
If you are interested in pursuing any of the degrees in agriculture, you should conduct an online search of colleges. You can search by type of degree, subjects as well as geographic locations. If you do not wish to leave your home, online programs will suit you perfectly. There are a wide range of colleges and universities that offer online and open programs for students who do not wish to attend physical lectures.


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  1. The ag programs at Mizzou are great! I’m about to graduate with a Bachelors in Animal Science with a minor in Ag Econ. I’ve learned a lot about livestock production. They also have several ag degrees and minors available.

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